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95 35’ Road Ranger, slide-out, set up at Gold Beach Mobile Home Park $7,500 obo. 541-373-3859, 541-247-7444

AMMO XM193 5.4 NATO 420 rounds, new Federal Lake City on Strippers orig ammo can, only 5 avail. 541-247-6916 $235

COMM’L REAL ESTATE LOANS Fixed rates, fully amortized for 15yrs. Private money, Limited docs. Anything other than residential. Summit Mortgage: 530-528-1000

SADIE Wild Rivers Animal Rescue: 541-247-2514

AMMO 5.56 NATO XM193 1000 rounds, NEW Federal Lake City loose pack $425. Or, 500 round box $220. Only 5ea avail. some XM855. 541-247-6916

PHOENIX Wild Rivers Animal Rescue: 541-247-2514

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M4 Colt rifle, 55.6 NATO, new, moving, first $999. 541-247-6916  Y2

Mac11 Cobray 9mm, mint cond, move to CA $450. 541-247-6916  Y2

Wild Rivers Animal Rescue Wish List: Clumping kitty litter, wet/canned cat food, paper towels & small dog biscuits. 541-247-2514 gb

New Colt Cold Cup Trophy 45ACP stainless $1,075. 541-247-6916  Y2

Mac10 Ingram 45cal, factory suppressor case $799.  541-247-6916 Y2 

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